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I believe Technology has been advancing and bettering our lives, but culture has not really kept up with it. We have progressed DESPITE our mentalities, not BECAUSE of them. Although I am a scientist, I believe the task of shaping culture is equally as important: to thrive we need the right institutions & the right mindset. I think those of us who believe in progress, freedom and are optimistic about the future have a duty to impart this sentiment. I aim to write here about Culture, Academia & Science in a different way than that offered by mainstream publications.

Apart from providing interesting content, one of my aims is to be as non-partisan as possible when politics might be tangentially involved - for example in this post abt Vivek Ramaswamy’s company:

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Pro-progress, anti-safetyist commentary on Scientific & Cultural matters from a Genomics PhD. Attempting to shape culture towards optimism, an abundance mindset & freedom.


I’m a Genomics PhD student at the Sanger Institute, Cambridge UK. Opinions entirely my own. "perfect synthesis between ACX and NYT." Anti-cynic